USB Reclocker



RENOLABS USB Reclocker takes USB signals from a computer or music server, then re-generates them into ultra high precision signals before feeding it to the next stage – normally an USB DAC or Signal Converter. This mechanism enables your audio system to reveal a much clearer and more crispy sound.

You can just simply insert Renolabs USB Relocker between your USB source and DAC. We can assure that this device is yielding a better sound any cabling solutions, with much lower investment. Let’s do it right at the first time.

Highlight Features:

  1. Well selected USB chip for stability and lowest noise floor
  2. The world’s lowest noise voltage regulator LT3045 with special PCB design from years of experience
  3. Separated power supply for USB IC and TCXO clock that provides clean power 5V/500mA for USB output port
  4. The TCXO clock was selected after hundreds trials and comparisons, in terms of technical specifications, actual measurements and auditions
  5. Solid billet aluminum precisely CNC-ed chassis. Anodized in BLACK or SILVER to suit your taste.
  6. And last but not least, our love of music and days and nights of musical experiences with audiophiles like you


Weight3 kg